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Addiction Treatment Services located in Overland Park, Kansas is dedicated to helping men and women overcome an alcohol drug use disorder.  Join our outpatient group treatment program.  Trust JB Strong, MA, LCPC, LCAC to help you overcome your alcohol drug use disorder and improve the quality of your life.

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Improve Your Relationships

We also help couples deal with marriage and family issues through individual and family counseling by appointment.  The family teaches us principles and the value of life, but even the best relationships can be challenged by disagreements, stress, anger and infidelity resulting in loss of trust.  Counseling helps couples communication and accommodate their interests, wants and needs.  Counseling can help a troubled relationship find the love misplaced but never lost.

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If you are facing an alcohol drug use disorder or family problems, we are here to help.  You can trust a licensed clinical therapist and addiction counselor to help you overcome alcohol drug use disorder or marriage problems. Call (913) 722-1118 for a free and confidential consultation. Client confidentiality is strictly maintained.